Welcome to SmallVenture!

It’s about your Business!

You have an idea, a dream. And you want to make it real. You want to realise your project.
You’re trying to change your life, to create your own job, to improve, increase or develop your own business…


… But you need some help…

You need an investor, you’re looking for a Partner, you need some trusty advice.
You’ve got a problem, you’re looking for a solution, a coach.
You need a clue, an encouragement.
You think to be alone into the storm and you need the experience, the expertise, in order to find your right direction.
You want to develop-it somewhere else: another City or Country, but you’re far and alone…

Nowadays to create or develop a (small) business it’s too hard, because of the credit crunch, because you’re alone, without a Partner, without a counselor/advisor/coach that you can trust. For free.

Our ambition is to provide a tool that could help you in finding the answers you’re looking for.
!For free!

We want to gather the human capital, the skills, the expertise and, why not, the money that could match your needs in order to allow you to go where your heart is trying to go.

This tool is dedicated to people who want to realise or develop a dream, to invent/start/improve a business or an activity, to make real an intuition, to solve a business problem, to find a solution, to have some advice or a coaching. 

We need You: your support, your energy, your resources!
Thank you for every suggestion, opinion, criticism and support that will surely help SmallVenture to become real!


PS: SmallVenture can understand English, French and Italian. If you can speak another language and you want to help us thank you in advance for your availability and contribution and please feel free to contact us!





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SmallVenture is composed by two main areas: – The Forum, where demand and offer look for their match. For free. – the Experts Room, a place where people who love to help people are available for answering to questions. For free. The Forum is organised in four areas: 1: I want to realise my Project: …

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– Q: Is SmallVenture free of charges? – A: Yes, it is: completely and absolutely free! — Q: Does SmallVenture have any responsibility? – A: No, SmallVenture and its contributors (like the Experts available into the Experts Room) haven’t any responsibility about the site contents posted by the users. SmallVenture is a tool that could helps you, but Your Business is Your Business …

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